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At SafeBeat Rx, we believe cutting-edge technology can bring heart health anywhere you are. 

We are a multi-disciplinary team of heart rhythm physicians, data scientists in “big data” telehealth, software engineers trained in artificial intelligence, clinical trial specialists, and experts in regulation and reimbursement.

We are dedicated to using engineering to transform cardiac care.

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Awards and Recognition


Big Ideas Competition Grant

Missouri TechLaunch IDEA Funds

Skandalaris Venture Competition

Smith-Oliver Grant

Venture Cafe Pitch Competition

Contrary Pitch Competition

Competitively Selected:

MIT Engine Blueprint Startup Development Program

NSF I-Corps

BioGenerator Grants-to-Business Program


"Heart Rhythm Society plays a key role in supporting new technologies like yours, which respond to the needs of both patients and healthcare systems and help advance our specialty."

Christine Albert, MD, MPH
President, Heart Rhythm Society
Founding Chair of the Department of Cardiology at Cedars-Sinai


The SafeBeat Rx Leadership

Leaders with Influence

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Rachita Navara, MD

Founder and CEO

Dr. Navara is a bioengineer and cardiologist specializing in heart rhythm disorders. She has been internationally recognized for her atrial fibrillation research, and she has led numerous award-winning medical innovation teams within academia (Stanford, UCSF, Wash U, MIT, Olin College of Engineering, UT Southwestern) and industry (Boston Scientific, Preserve, Harvard Brigham and Women’s Hospital). She is an appointed member of the National ACC Heart Rhythm Leadership Council and is HRS delegate to the AMA, directly shaping arrhythmia treatment guidelines.

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Kunj Patel, MD, MSc

President, Founder, and CTO

Dr. Patel is a physical medicine and interventional pain physician from Harvard, Emory, Wash U, and NJIT with masters-level expertise in applied mathematics/numerical methods and translational research. He was a White House Presidential Leadership Scholar finalist and executive board member of multiple professional medical societies. Prior to SafeBeat Rx, he built a private practice clinic centered on a fully integrated remote monitoring platform he developed to facilitate care during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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John Higgins, BSc

Director of Engineering

Mr. Higgins brings 13 years’ experience in software engineering and artificial intelligence platforms, including managing the entire end-to-end software development lifecycle. As Founding Engineering Director for a Non-Profit R&D lab in Silicon Valley and Product Innovation Manager at Athenahealth, he brought countless products to end-users including executing a 150,000+ user, cloud SaaS environment interfacing with 29,000 healthcare providers.

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Alejandro Alvarez, MSc

Founding and Lead Engineer

Mr. Alvarez is a Senior Full-stack and Machine learning Software Engineer who has over ten years of experience, including at Fortune 500 companies, like Morgan Stanley, where he worked as a Senior Software engineer.  He has a background in signal processing and telecommunication, and previously helped scale Wise.com through to a successful IPO as part of their debit card and machine learning engineering teams.


Ben Sackett, MSc

Head of Operations & Technical Lead

Ben Sackett MSc, is SafeBeat’s Head of Operations and Technical Operations Lead, and he is a former senior engineer at Genentech, where he worked for 8 years and previously managed top software development teams. He also brings a wealth of knowledge from the pharmaceutical industry regarding clinical trials and commercialization, having helped with the rollout of novel products to millions of people around the globe. He leads SafeBeat’s early partnerships and growth strategies.


Rania deLeon, BSc

Regulatory Affairs Manager

Rania deLeon is a biomedical engineer who brings seven years of experience in the medical device industry in both quality assurance and regulatory affairs, specifically in the area of cardiac electrophysiology.  In her career, she has gotten medical device approvals from the FDA, Health Canada, European Union, and Australia, and has built electronic quality management systems from the ground up.  Her approved devices are being used by thousands of cardiologists across the world today.



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SafeBeat Rx selected for Medtech Innovator 2022 Cohort

June 7, 2022

SafeBeat Rx CEO highlighted by MIT's venture firm, Engine

July 23, 2021

SafeBeat Rx named winner in SVC Competition

April 23, 2021


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