Full-stack Engineer at Life-saving Medical Software Startup

San Francisco

Job Type

3+ years

About the role

At Safebeat Rx, we make life-saving EKG software to replace a hospitalization. As lead full-stack engineer at SafeBeat, you’ll be responsible for architecting and building our software, which will be an expansion of our existing web app. This includes our front-end, used by doctors and patients. It also includes our backend system that manages time-series data, makes inferences on that data, and enables front-end behaviors. Key Activities include the following:

Early development:

  • Improve existing web app for doctors to commercially-ready MVP in 2 months

  • Iterate quickly, balancing development speed and code quality

  • Use React Native to build out products that work well in iOS and Chrome

  • Use Python to build out backend services

  • Work with existing development team, using DSP or ML to process and annotate EKG data

Implement coding best practices

  • Use Github to manage changes

  • Implement staging and production servers, CI/CD, and testing in a way that balances app stability, speed, and future development - prefer AWS or Heroku

  • Make architectural decisions that enable feature changes

Implement data best practices

  • Ensure EKG data is stored correctly to enable future insights to be gleaned from it

  • Ensure patient EMR data is stored in a HIPAA-compliant way. Use data structures that make it possible to use for algorithms later on.

Candidate Requirements:

  • CS or software engineering degree

  • 3+ years full-stack development experience

  • Advanced level programming experience in Python, Django, and React Native

  • Familiarity with ML model development

  • Proficiency in communication with technical and non-technical audiences

You would be working directly with the founders - two physician-engineers from Stanford/Harvard with a passion for medical innovation.

Read more about our technology on Hacker News or on Bookface (YC only).  

TechCrunch even selected us in their list of top YC companies with unicorn potential on Demo Day.

Please reach out to executives[at]safebeatrx[dot]com with your interest and CV.

Why you should join SafeBeat Rx

At SafeBeat Rx (YC S21), we are building ECG software that saves lives and replaces a hospitalization. By joining our team, you will have a direct impact on millions of patients' lives. Because we focus on medical software, our FDA and go-to-market pathways are much faster than other biotech/medtech startup companies. If our mission and product excite you, we would love to connect.