Product and Technical Operations Lead at Life-saving Medical Software Startup

San Francisco

Job Type

3+ years

About the role

At Safebeat Rx, we're making life-saving EKG software to replace a hospitalization. We're looking for a world-class product manager and technical operations expert who likes to wear different hats at a fast-growing startup. This position is hands-on and requires varied skills with a natural aptitude for adaptability and continuous improvement. You will ensure our products are world-class and support the well-being of patients and the workflows of doctors. You will work with the founders, engineers, and users to create a novel technology for supporting patient heart health.

Activities include:

  • Refining the design and workflow of our medical software/interface, and advancing medical hardware integrations.

  • Helping with FDA submissions and patent filings

  • Facilitating clinical trial progression (e.g. patient recruitment/pilots, data collection, publication in major journals/conferences)

  • Liaising with the development team

  • Building partnerships with leaders in the medtech industry, hospital systems, and health insurance organizations

  • Helping hire new candidates for the other roles to expand our team

  • Ensure doctors love our EKG product

  • Design effective visualizations for healthcare data

  • Conduct interviews with doctors and patients who are using the product to see what could be improved

  • Ensure HIPAA compliance

  • Ensure patients love our remote monitoring product

  • Work with founders to establish requirements for the EKG remote monitoring product, ensure the product is built and in the user’s hands by the deadline

  • Build out a patient-user journey and patient user stories to guide feature development

  • Ensure patients have a cohesive, intuitive experience from first hearing about SafeBeat to using it regularly

  • Work directly with the founders

Candidate Requirements:

  • Degree in science or engineering

  • 3+ years of technical/industry experience including operations leadership

  • Familiarity with the statistical analysis needed for iterative improvements with the algorithm

  • Proficient in technical/scientific writing

  • Proficient in analytical and critical thinking

Why you should join SafeBeat Rx

At SafeBeat Rx (YC S21), we are building ECG software that saves lives and replaces a hospitalization. By joining our team, you will have a direct impact on millions of patients' lives. Because we focus on medical software, our FDA and go-to-market pathways are much faster than other biotech/medtech startup companies. If our mission and product excite you, we would love to connect.